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Day 334 – From ecstasy to joy and finally to despair


Today I have managed to get a job, to enjoy an afternoon with friends and to get my daughter to the emergency room. All in one day.

I woke up this morning and let me tell you the world looks different at 6 am. It’s really strange to see a seaside of humans in the tram or the bus, being very quiet and wobbling like penguins while waiting to get at their bus stop. Well my bus stop was far away, 50 minutes away, so by the end of my trip I was already exhausted. After being placed in a room with twenty other people waiting quietly to be called inside a small room, my senses have revived. Those people were my rivals and I needed to look awake and professional. After a ten minutes interview I left the room with a job in my hands. I couldn’t believe that sometimes all it takes is to have the right person in front of you for ten minutes. This is the ecstasy part of the day.

After that good news struck me, I hurried to pick up the photos from the exhibit Ephia was in last month. I was so excited to get the prints and hang them on our walls and also to have coffee with a friend which turned out to be coffee with two friends. 🙂 We talked, shared stories, wisdom, laughed while slowly roasting under the rays of sun. And this was the joyful part of the day.

I know you all want me to get to the tragedy part sooner. Well, the tragedy wasn’t that we went to the emergency room, but the experience I have had there. We went because her left arm was a little swollen and she showed signs of having severe pains at certain movements. When we got there we went through the normal triage process and off to the waiting room. Ephia was seen by a doctor who either didn’t like me just because or she had a really bad day and took it out on me. She was okay with my daughter but she treated me like a piece of crap. After blaming me for numerous, ridiculous things, she started telling me that she wants to do a maneuver on her that she herself doesn’t think it is necessary. At first I was confused, but later on I just got angry. Why aren’t doctors and teachers collaborating with parents and vice versa? Aren’t we suppose to support each other and not judging each other? Don’t we have the same goal that we need to focus on together instead of looking to blame each other? I am lost.

I refused the unnecessary procedure and waited for her X-rays. I didn’t even mind the wait at first, but I think 3 hours in the emergency room with a two year old is too much for anyone. And plus this woman has basically managed to make me feel like the worst mother in the world in just 20 minutes on the three different consults. We got home a little before midnight and although I am still angry and unsure about what happened, I am happy Ephia is fine and nothing has been broken.

This was the kind of day I had today. A incredible roller coaster that literally took my breath away.



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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu