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Day 345 – Field trip


After a beautiful morning with my daughter I got to work on one of my projects while taking a field trip. Ok, it wasn’t really work, it was more fun, but let’s go with work, because it sounds so much better.

I drove outside of Florence and in between talking and listening I also caught a small glimpse of the Tuscan landscape. Beautiful as usual, never ceasing to make me love it more and more. I also got a history lesson on the road and found out a lot of things about some small Italian cities that I had no idea about. Oh, yes the traffic! Mad men everywhere. Cars running around not being able to keep a straight line, cutting our way and dangerously trying to “kiss” our car. It may be that I am not used to traffic anymore or they all had a horrible day today. I love field trips.

After an adventure like that, a stroll downtown seemed like a must and when Ephia finished chasing the pigeons in front of Palazzo Pitti, we took a long walk along the Arno river and had some fun looking for fish in the water. Ephia made sure everyone noticed her on our way back home, smiling at all the people in tram, waving at all the babies on the bus. Today was such a fun day that almost stopped all the crazy noise in my brain for a little while. Good night everyone! Let’s hope for some sunshine tomorrow!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu