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Day 359 – Work, satisfaction and motherhood


Oh yeah, the days are getting longer and the stress higher. While juggling different tasks, I found the perfect balance to get through my day with a smile on my face. My evening task allows me to keep my mind empty and just work out my body, while the other one keeps me alert and excited to be a part of something great. And the mother part, well that never ends and keeps me happy and constantly on my toes: while any other boss can only fire me, my daughter and any kid on this planet for that matter, will never stop punishing you.

This is what I now call my weekly triangle from now on, and after next week, if I will survive this one, things will look simple enough. I haven’t manage time for coffee with friends or seeing other people outside the house yet, but no worries I’ll figure that one out too. For now my main focus is to be the best I can possibly be at this new juggling game. So, to all my friends that feel let down by my absence lately, I do love you and miss you and because you are such good friends I know you understand that this is what I have to do right now. Think about how much fun we’ll have when we’ll have to catch up. 🙂

Until then, have a beautiful, perfect day! Off to a new work day, dreaming about tonight and about all the research I have planned to do. 😀


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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu