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Day 362 – Time to…


Time to… sleep, to say good night, to have coffee with a friend, to play games with your kid, to have fun, to enjoy everything. Time to start a new chapter.

How many chapters can there be? From the looks of it, many of them. As a writer I am amazed how a person’s life can change so much in just a year, in just a month, in just a day. I am amazed how people can change from an hour to another, how chapters keep on writing themselves changing characters, themes, plot. If you look at your own book from the outside, you will see yourself running around like a mad man, chasing dreams, hopes and accomplishments, inventing and talking to other characters, using special ink to outline their trades. And then, after years, months, days, hours, when you get to take a little break from it all, you are thankful that your life isn’t boring, you are thankful that you get to chase your dreams tomorrow too, even though you sometimes wish for some boring moments and events happening in your life. That’s exactly what I need right now: a couple of hours to wish that my life was boring.

On that note, I will wisely use my break to rest my bones and feed my brain with beautiful dreams. Good night everyone!

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Ela Vasilescu

I am a writer and a freelance journalist based in Florence, Italy. Ever since I can remember I loved stories and everything about them, from the storyteller who told them, to the paper they were written on. Because of that, I love listening to people’s stories and sometimes experience them in writing as my own.
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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu