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Day 37 – Florence on fire!!!


Monday again and that means Writers Group meeting. Because it’s just us girls left (we chased the guys off the continent), we drank a lot of wine and at some point found ourselves talking about porn. It is said that if you leave more than two women alone in a room, with alcohol in sight, inevitably they will talk about sex at some point. Maybe that’s true or maybe it can be a myth that we were trapped in tonight.

Anyway, while we were being fabulous and literate, we heard a strange music coming from outside, but we ignored it for a while thinking that it’s just Florence trying to be fabulous too. When we couldn’t take it anymore, we rushed outside to see what the fuss was about. We had to do some elbow fighting to find a good spot and when we finally found one, we climbed like monkeys on it and enjoyed the water performance which Florence was putting on for us to see. There were a lot of actors on the water, on beds, strolling with babies, biking, on stilts, acting as normal people doing their regular daily routine, while floating. As I later found out, they were part of the French company called Ilotopie. The water performance is called “Fous de Bassin” (Water Fools) and was held in honor for the inauguration of the new illuminating system on Ponte Vecchio that was donated by the fashion house, Stefano Ricci for the event Firenze Hometown of Fashion. For a few minutes, it seemed that Florence’s Arno was on fire and my jaw was a little down south than it should be.

And just when you forget what city you are living in, Florence comes and kicks you in the ass with another wonder and yet another dumb smile on your face before heading home.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu