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Day 38 – The world is shattered


The world is shattered, says a famous Romanian singer and I agree with him today. Conventionalism, regrets, compromises, conditioned freedom, timed love, all those things that gather up to conceive the recipe of a human being who’s only wish is to be happy. Many of us regret the time we had and didn’t know what to do with, that now disintegrated into nicely equipped offices or maybe worse. Freedom exits only on weekends and its conditioned by the week that is about to start; love is timed in-between bus stops and evening meals; friends are being conventional and strangled by their own regrets; we lose ourselves within the destinies of movie stars who teach us how to be happy; we learn to love compromised; life piles up in tiny spoons, filled with papers and used until refusal keyboards – it’s served during the day and thought upon throughout the night. Our pay out, nicely rectangular cut pieces of paper, smile to us and encourage our slavery. We are the prisoners of a system created by the most cerebral being on Earth. Justice is crooked and stabs us every morning while dragging our feet onto the brick streets of wherever. We look around only to confirm that we are not the only ones trapped and lost into our own sorrows. The world is shattered.

(This is another beautiful song by the same singer)


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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu