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Day 39 – My family is trying to kill me


I have to start this article by saying that no matter what my husband says, I don’t get scared easily. The only thing that really creeps me out is if I know someone or something is in a place and two minutes later I find it in another place; and yes in this case there will be some serious screaming involved (maybe to many horror movies).

So, last night I woke up to get a glass of water. I think it was 5 am. When I got up, I thought I saw D in bed right where he was supposed to be. I stumbled into the computer which fell on the floor and after picking it up, I moved on, towards the door, to get water. You can imagine my surprise when I saw my husband in the doorway with a worried face because he heard the computer collapsing on the floor. I screamed the way one screams when they think their life is in danger, quickly taking two steps back and then I went into the mute mode because I remembered the baby is sleeping. So, I stood there in the middle of the room, both hands clinched on my mouth and horrified look on my face. It took several minutes to catch my breath and laugh about it because at first I was really pissed that he wasn’t where he was supposed to be.

After that creepy incident, I wake up this morning refreshed and happy. I go into my daughter’s room and see her awake, on her back, browsing one of her books (she didn’t see me). I go into the kitchen to make her breakfast and then go back to get her. To get a better picture, her bed is right next to the door. I was expecting her to be in the same position I left her, but instead I found her standing, eyes wide open and right into my face when I opened the door. Scream again and hands covering my mouth, again. My daughter’s face was priceless; at first she was amazed by my reaction (to see your mother be scared of you, must be a joy) and then she started laughing and pointing at me. Oh, yeah, I am the clown in the house.

I guess I can say, I had a scary start today and that maybe the two of them discussed the possibility of testing my heart. It seems my heart is still strong, although I felt it in my throat both times, but I definitely must work on the screaming part.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu