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Day 4 – Internet failiure


It seems that Italy found out about my project today and doesn’t like it nor supports it. Today started out as a normal, almost boring day and everything was going exactly as planned until I realized I have no Internet connection. My brain went dead and not because I am addicted to internet (sometimes I like to turn it off just so I can pretend all I have is reading, playing with Ephia or write the old fashion way using a pen and paper), but because I realized that this means I can’t continue this project.

So, as any normal person will do, I called their customer service line. Because we are in Italy and we have to talk for a half an hour before actually getting to the point, I finally heard the person on the other line telling me in an annoyed tone, that they are working on my line and it will take up to eight days until they are finished. Eight days in which I may or may not have a normal internet connection.

I am sure that Italy is trying to prevent me from writing about my everyday life or just make it more challenging, but guess what dear Italy, the joke’s on you, because I am stealing my neighbor’s connection. I hope my neighbor doesn’t read my blog and decides to password his line, but in case he does read this: “Please, oh please just don’t do it for the next eight days!”

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu