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Day 40 – My weird and sometimes annoying habits


I think everyone has weird and annoying habits or quirks. I realized today that I have a lot of them and by that, I mean I should be forbidden from human crowds sometimes. I’ve decided to share some, hoping that I will find many more like me out there who will be willing to share their own (just so I would feel normal in their crowd).

When I was born, my grandmother made me a little feather pillow and I never sleep without it. I need to take that pillow everywhere I am supposed to sleep over night and if God forbids it gets left home, I will definitely have insomnia that night and also be very annoying to the people around me. As an addition to the pillow, a good friend of mine gave me a small green crocodile when I was about seven years old. I don’t remember why I’ve put it in the pillowcase (maybe I was in love with him or something like that) but twenty three years later the crocodile is still there. Of course, he is not green any more, but he still has his blue eyes and weird look on his face whenever I change pillowcases and he gets to have a fresh breath of air.

I am a watch freak. I need to have watches and I need to have as many of them as I can. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the watch has to properly function; it just needs to be on my wrist. I can’t leave the house without it and I get seriously frustrated if I don’t have one. I change the straps pretty often because I tend to forget to take them off, as well as I forget to change the batteries, so don’t ask me what time it is just because you see me wearing one. I love people’s faces when they ask me the time and I have to look at my phone in order to give an answer, or worse when my watch is saying that is midnight and they start panicking although it is midday.

I have to sit in a specific place at the table. Whenever we change houses, I am the first to choose my place at the table and no matter who is visiting, I cannot offer them my seat otherwise I will hate them for life. I do the same thing when I visit someone more than once; if I choose a place to sit, then that will be mine until the end of time (freaky huh?).

I have a specific mug, my own plate and several bowls that no one else but me can touch. There is a picture of a cute frog on them, on a yellow background. Once, my cousin wanted to eat something from one of the bowls, without him knowing the rule. I love him to death, but the minute I heard D telling him to put down the bowl and pretend like nothing happened, I roared at him and stormed from the other room like he had committed the supreme crime.

I love boxes and chests. I have a tone of them; wood boxes, cardboard boxes, paper boxes, any kind of boxes, really. Whenever I get a gift it’s the box I am impressed with, so some of my friends don’t even bother to put anything in it anymore. Oh, and the gift-wrapping; if a gift has a gorgeous wrapping I cannot open it. Seriously, I still have some that I never opened or that I’ve put back together afterwards.

Last but not least, I hate sunlight. My room has always been and will be, in total, complete darkness. I am eternally grateful to the guy that invented the window blinds and other related products. This goes hand in hand with me not being a morning person and the fact that I always write text messages or talk to my friends only in the middle of the night. I had this dream, ever since I was little, for the night to become day and the other way around.  Oh, yes, eternally grateful to the guy who invented sunglasses too.

So, that being said, do I have any competition out there? Is there someone who can top my top seven?

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