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Day 41 – The need for ice-cream chased me out of Florence


Today, I woke up late and smiled. Today, I watched my daughter slide a hundred times without her getting tired. Today, I forgot about myself and my problems for a minute and laughed at the idea. Today, I went for a walk, late this evening, with D and Ephia and watched her, while getting soaking wet, walking straight into a splash fountain. Today I was bored, angry, happy, amused and all other Facebook statuses. Until…

Well, night time is one of my best friends, and ever since the bike, I offer myself a nightly treat almost every day. Today I wanted ice-cream and not any ice-cream, but the best one you could possibly imagine. There is this small town outside of Florence, Scandicci, which starts right where my neighborhood ends. The best part is that its downtown is really close to my house, so the ride there isn’t at all exhausting. Among other interesting and vivid things, they have a successful ice-cream shop, Gelatando, which draws people from all over, to come and have a taste. During the summer, if you go there in the middle of the night, you will find at least twenty people in line, waiting patiently to taste their delicious flavors. I remember having thirty people in front of me once and that was a slow night.

So, to end my day in a proper way, I indulged myself a delicious biscotto ice-cream, while watching people around me and enjoying my temporary solitude. And seriously, if you want to taste some good quality stuff, go and take a number and I assure you they are worth the wait.    2014-06-20 23.24.34

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu