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Day 43 – My first smooch!!!


When you have a baby, the first two years of his life, you will say the word first a lot. First smile, first word, first cry, first steps, first meal and so on. Sometimes, these firsts are wonderful, but there are also those who drive you crazy, like the first “No!” (that’s what I’ve heard). When Ephia said her first “No!”, I was really happy, because from then on, I could understand what she wanted or not. Maybe because of that, she never used it just because she could or just to drive me insane. Let me rephrase that. My daughter doesn’t use the word “No!”, she only uses the word “Enough!”, but I guess they are pretty much the same thing.

Anyway, today I had one of the firsts and it was a wonderful one. I had my first smoochy kiss from her, with sounds and everything. She even left a small puddle on my cheek and I went all motherly on her. For a minute, just to show her my appreciation, I smooched her all over, as she was trying to get away. Oh yes, I can be harassingly sweet sometimes, but don’t tell anyone, it can ruin my reputation.

To add a little note to this article, I will say that many of my friends warned me about the terrible twos. They are supposed to be the years, when you just want to kill them, instead of raising them and I am confused sometimes, because for me these are the awesome two’s. I can’t lie and say that she was always a joy and not at all nerve-racking sometimes, but we took that as part of the process of her growing up. It’s a big world out there and children are such small pieces in it, so it must be really scary and frustrating for them. Meanwhile, we should enjoy their firsts until the time when they don’t want to share them with us, will come. My first smoochy kiss!!!!! Yoo-hoo!!!!!

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