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Day 46 – Creative People in Florence and its freaks


It’s nice to sometimes hang around your kind of people. You know the kind; the ones who open their mouths and say exactly the things that you could relate too, people who you are completely comfortable with, to share your interests no matter how weird they would sound.

I remember that four years ago I was a writer trapped in a translator’s or HR employee’s body. I had to work an eight hour day and hide my true identity; then I had to meet people in the same field as I was and talk about things I could never relate too, but that I was very good at. I used to go home at night and torture the hell out of my keyboard, pouring all my frustrations into my drive, smoking a pack of cigarettes while dreaming that someday I would stand in a group of people and introduce myself as I am: a writer, a journalist. And in that moment people were not to look at me like some freak who doesn’t know anything about life and how you are supposed to live it.

I had that moment about nine months ago, when I’ve met the Creative People in Florence group and it was amazing (although I was confused and didn’t know what the hell I was doing there). Ever since, every now and then, I get to experience an aperitivo, an artist talk or a studio visit and talk to a bunch of people, that sometimes I have no idea who they are, but with whom I find myself to have lots in common because they are too considered freaks into the “real” world. So, tonight I was a freak among freaks at a Creative aperitivo. It was very pleasant and refreshing and you will read all about this group and the people in it in a different post, because they deserve a special one.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu