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Day 49 – Time issues


I had an amazing, normal, beautiful day. The man of the house was out shooting an event, so us girls were left alone and unsupervised. We had lots of fun in the garden this morning and then an interesting ride with the bus in the evening. This day passed in a blink of an eye and because of that it made me think about my time issues.

I have always been fascinated with time. Either I hate it or I love it. I can never make up my mind. Time is my essential enemy and also my best friend. But there is a moment, or if you are lucky a lot of moments, when if you stand still in a place close to your heart, time stops and allows you to hear, feel, smell. You can hear the morning dew falling from the grass and touching the ground, you can smell the air and all its offerings, and you can feel your skin wrinkling from all the things above. It’s a spectacle and it’s all in the hands of time.

What if time would stand still when you are in love for the first time, when the kiss of the one you want is all you need, when the smile of those dear to you are everything you want and the inspiration within you has no limits? That would be amazing but impossible. And imagine if time would pass very quickly when you are sad, angry, confused, depressed. Ah, that would be an experiment I would love to try out. Maybe there is a bigger reason for which time has to pass in its own pace and maybe it’s us who should stop not it.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu