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Day 50 – Monte Morello and a thunderstorm


I can’t believe I have lasted fifty days. When I started writing every day for this project, I didn’t imagine I will go all this way. I still am skeptic but it seems I am hanging in there.

Anyway, today we went up to Monte Morello (about 15 km from Florence), a place really close to our hearts which has seen us laugh, cry, be excited, anxious… we love the place and because we have neglected it for a long time we went up, to our favorite bar and had a quiet, pleasant lunch. We went for a small trekking trip afterwards and we arrived home exhausted (some more than others).

After a long nap, Florence decided to surprise us again. The thunderstorm that hit the city was so beautiful that hypnotized all three of us. The first thunder scared Ephia, so she ran right into her father’s arm but I came to the rescue, telling her that thunders are one of nature’s most beautiful things and that is the music of the sky. D came up with an even cooler explanation as he compared the lightings with photographer’s flashes, who came to photograph the sky’s concert. We are pretty imaginative people (hahaha). As we said those things to her and showed her that a storm is something beautiful, she became relaxed and began to enjoy the spectacle, smiling and laughing when thunders were striking; so I was thinking, how strange is the human brain and how easy you can model one’s perception about something if only you say the right thing. I love thunderstorms but I have always been told that it’s a bad thing and you should be afraid when it happens, so even though I have learned to love it, I still freeze sometimes when a big one hits. Just think about it, we can make people see the beautiful in anything and make them comfortable and happy.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu