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Day 52 – Technology can “cure” pain


As you may have guessed from the conversation I had with my pain yesterday, I am having some “wonderful” medical issues. So, I gave in and decided to go to the doctor’s office.

My doctor is a fine middle aged woman, great character and always smiling. She tends to be a little harsh and suspicious if what you are saying doesn’t match her knowledge, but she is very willing to help and cure. Unfortunately if you get sick without an appointment, you have to wait until she finishes all the people who have appointments (it makes total sense). Sometimes it takes an hour, or if you are lucky it can take only five minutes. In my case, I am never lucky when it comes to these things and I usually wait more than an hour to get in.

Anyway, here I was, in horrifying pains, twisting and turning on the bench in the waiting room, trying to distract myself texting friends. As I watched people come and go out of her office, I realized that the only thing that can efficiently distract you, while suffering, is technology. These last few days, while trying not to die, I wasn’t able to read, write or work on any of my projects. My brain was insisting on me to get some sleep or to watch TV-shows. Every time I tried reading or writing something, my pain intensified. I remembered that when I was a teenager suffering because a friend disappointed me, or because the guy I liked didn’t pay any attention to me, if it was peace and quiet around me, I was able to work through the problem. Of course that meant that my suffering intensified for a while before getting better. Instead, if the TV was turned on, it hypnotized me into completely forgetting my issues for a couple of minutes or hours, depending on how good the show, movie was.

So, good job technology, once more you came to  rescue us, unfortunate people and prevent us from actually solving the problem. Over and out!

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