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Day 53 – About the birds and the bees only without the bees


I thought a lot about nests today (bear with me). I suppose that when a bird finds itself out of its eggshell and into a nest, it has a lot of space around it; there is the motherly love, the fatherly love and in some cases the sibling’s love. They are all very important for the future development of the baby bird (at least that’s what I hear).

It comes a time when the baby bird needs to learn how to fly, so it starts to practice. Time begins to fly as well, and our protagonist starts to need its own space; whether the siblings are too many or noisy, or the mother is too smothering, or the father can’t stop from giving out lectures. So, he thinks the time has come to fly away and, why not, built a nest of its own; “An even bigger one” the little bird thinks. I will assume that it will grow up to be the best it can be and maybe visit from time to time its old family of birds. This is the first scenario.

The second scenario is a little harsher. The baby bird doesn’t think it’s prepared to face the world outside of the nest. It likes the crowded space, its noisy brothers and sisters and all the perks of living with its family. But faith has other plans or at least its parents do, so they just kick it out. At first it falls, it stumbles, it cries and does a lot of stupid things but in the end it becomes the best that it could possibly have been.

But I wonder, does this second scenario baby bird go back to visit its family? Is it that it will be so satisfied with the outcome that it will just accept it as being the normality of life? Or is it that this second one is stronger than the first one? But which of them will have the best nest, or perspectives, or family views?

Yup, I’ve thought a lot about nests today and the way they are built. But, a bird has to fly and the worst scenario I can think of is not to let it learn how to.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu