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Day 60 – Surrogacy, pro or con?


I have received an email today about an article that treated this issue. I never knew how I really felt about surrogacy and I think there was a time when I admired those women for being able to do something as beautiful as that for other human beings.

But there are many sides of this subject and one of them, of which I found out today, is that there are cases, actually many more cases than you would imagine, when the problem is not for the surrogate mother to give up the child, but for the future parents to accept the child. I never imagined that this can be an issue, but the article I’ve received was talking about this problem and the fact that the numbers show there are many more future parents who change their minds about taking the child, than the surrogate mother to refuse to give up the child. So, it kind of infuriated me. I mean not only you are renting someone’s body, but you are also that ignorant that you treated like a machine. Of course there are an extremely large number of women who only do it for the money and an easier life, but what about the other ones? And what about the life that grows inside of them? Is it not bad enough that he/she is a programed life to be with no fault of its own, now he/she will be put up for adoption or abandoned completely? Another interesting issue is when the fetus shows signs of malformations or medical conditions and again the future parents reject the baby and pay a lot of money to the surrogate to have an abortion. There was a paragraph in that article that shocked me. It talked about a man who wanted six embryos implanted, two to have for himself and the rest of them to be put up for adoption, like they were nothing but products on a shelf in a supermarket.

And that’s when it hit me. Although I admire a woman’s selfless gesture of doing something as incredible as hosting another’s baby, those babies are nothing but products. And with the exception of the fortunate cases there are many more that end up in tragedy and disputes. So, I asked myself: why would someone do that? If they really want a baby and they have so much love to offer, why don’t they adopt? The orphanages are filled with abandoned children who need love and warm homes, so why not take one home? Joke a side if you listen really quietly, you can almost hear a condom breaking somewhere in the world, while two irresponsible teenagers are having sex, so why not have that baby, who will maybe be destined to be abandoned? What do you think: adoption or surrogacy?

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