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Day 61 – Diary entry and bad karma


10.30 in the morning; I wake up and feel strange, no wait there’s nothing strange, I feel like crap. My head is breaking into a million pieces than it seems to be able to put itself back together again. Ephia is waking up; I go into her room and try to ignore my pain, kiss her forehead and take her out of bed. As we go into the bathroom I notice her nose is running, and her eyes are barely open and red. Great, now she is sick too. We call the doctor while having breakfast; it’s settled she needs medication and she possibly has conjunctivitis. This is awesome! But then again she had so much fun playing barefoot into the water fountain.

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We go for  walk and we are as fast as snails on roller blades without the little wheels.Oh, yeah, this is a great day! We talk, while walking and holding hands and after half an hour we decide we are too tired to go on so we go inside to have lunch and just be lazy. 12.30 lunch time; we have ourselves a nice lunch while whispering stories and giggling. We still feel like crap but at least we try to have fun and to enjoy each other’s company. I decide it’s time for the crazy rat who can cook (Ratatouille) to entertain us, so we both melt into an armchair and watch him go nuts with the spices.

15.30 nap time; piece and quiet all over the house. I can occasionally hear the noises the neighbors are making while having sex, but they are not as loud as the ones upstairs when they fight. I turn on the computer and take my headphones from the drawer, ready to listen and work. A blue screen appears. I restart the computer; blue screen again. I call D and explain (he is the computer wiz of the house); I am angry and on top of all my headache is even worse than before. He tells me to wait and just rest until tonight.

19.00 nap time over; Ephia wakes up crying; she feels sick and we can see that clear. D is calming her down while I prepare something for her to feel better. I am waiting for his verdict and it’s a lousy one – it’s very probable that I have lost all my work. We still don’t know, we will find out more tomorrow. We ended the day feeling like crap and watching our man be exhausted and still trying to comfort us like he has grown a thousand hands or something like that.

So, dear karma, I get it, you really hate me this month and probably I annoy the hell out of you, but can you please try and move on; maybe find some other unfortunate bastard who has nothing else to do but complain all the time. Punish him and give him a reason to really complain. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be better and you will forget to say goodbye while you shut the door to my life behind you.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu