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Day 66 – “Friends” addict


I am a huge Friends addict (any self respecting freak should be), the American sitcom that lasted a decade and still is one of the most popular show ever created. Such a simple story with such a huge impact: six friends, struggling with life’s issues relying only on themselves, while becoming a family. They’ve got me through college, than coping with moving from city to city and making new friends, staying close to the ones I loved regarding the distance, breakups, falling in love again, pregnancy and now… Every time I reach the final episode, I feel like I need to start all over again and get to know them even better (if that’s possible).

I even learned almost all the drawings made on the Magna Doodle on Joey’s door (I won’t go and admit that I am too familiar with the lines from my favorite episodes; that would really make me a freak right?) Anyway, last night I finished watching it again, for the ten thousand time, and I had the instant urge to reach out for the mouse and put on the first episode from the first season; just to see how much they’ve changed in ten years. I didn’t, because every time I do that, I start all over again, either because they are too funny, or because I pretend not to remember some scenes. I tried to do that with other shows I liked, but this one seems to be the only one I can watch forever.

Maybe this is my drug of choice, burying myself in a sitcom, just to forget about everything else and feeling nothing real for half an hour a day (sometimes two hours). Of course this drug is something I can’t do on a regular basis; I tend to get bored at some point and feel the need to suffer, laugh, cry, smile, joke and be sarcastic in the real world, so I pack my up my addiction and put it on hold for at least six months. Until then let’s see what the real world has to offer me without any interruptions whatsoever; up until now it didn’t go very well, but we are still waiting for that sunshine to appear on our street. Over and out!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu