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Day 67 – Short women, the nightmare of the tall ones


It has always been like this: short women have always hated the advantages tall women have and vice versa. I, being in the latter category while growing up and becoming a woman, will of course talk about how great the short ones have it. I have always been too tall in my perspective (5f t8in) and I don’t know why, but all my female friends were 5ft 3in tall tops. Because I have practiced professional volleyball I have also encountered the really, ridiculously tall women and I admit I pitied them. I used to think if it’s hard for me, then it must be horrible for them. Let’s highlight just five reasons to why this phenomenon is happening and will keep happening:

1. When you are tall and teenager, you watch yourself in the mirror and think you are a freak. Your feet seem huge and every piece of clothing doesn’t fit exactly right; they are either for midgets or too large. If you want to act like a girl regarding wardrobe, then your luck is really over. You will look at all the other girls, the short ones and see their nice skirts and nice blouses and their 6 and 1/2 size shoes, in a perfect fit, drawing all the attention and the smiles; then you will look at yourself: yeah, your dress isn’t that horrible even if it’s for adults, but your shoes, oh your shoes, those are the ones who just curse your girliness away and show a perfect size nine shoe on your feet (so feminine and delicate).

2. Short women move faster, and they look like gymnasts when they do it. Tall women aren’t agile. They can be and are very feminine but if there would be a competition between a short and a tall one about who is more bendy, the short one will win by far. I know there are exceptions and I have in fact seen some pretty bendy tall women and pretty stiff short ones, but that doesn’t change anything, the rule is made and proved upon (by the power invested in me hahaha). And I will try to make my point by asking: did you see how men just pick up their miniature girlfriends in their arms and spin them around their waist like puppets? Well try that with a tall one, or better yet have you seen anyone doing that? (I have, but she was 5ft 8in and he was 6ft 5in and it looked ridiculous)

3. Short women can have any guy. This one is in my opinion the most popular. Think about it if you are 5ft 8in tall, your search will start with men who are taller than you; that means at least 5ft 10in, just in case sometimes you want to wear high heels. Of course some will say, you can date any guy, love doesn’t have any measurement notion and I will answer back: in theory yes, and I admire the ones who can do it although it kind of looks weird, but in reality, I have tried that once and it made me feel very uncomfortable and also gave me a small dose of “I need to protect him” and shit like that. So tall women kind of miss an entire segment of men.

4. High heels. Oh, this one is painful. Tall women can wear high heels but they have to take so many things into consideration; like, how tall is my boyfriend/husband/friends I am going out with? Does this size make my feet even bigger? How many inches does this heel have? Do you have the same model but smaller heel? And also, when you try on a pair of shoes that are absolutely wonderful and the saleswoman comes and stands next to you, smiling and telling you how good you look, but you can see her like a lilliputian, it’s best not to buy them.

5. Comfort. When you are tall there are too many situations in which you aren’t comfortable in. At the dinner table or having coffee out with people you’ve just met. Your hands and feet seem to be all over the place and you can’t control them. When you are wearing a short skirt that looks so good on your long legs (a huge advantage by the way) but you have to sit down at some point and you forget everything you have been taught about leg position. When you get into someone else’s car and you always have to readjust the seat. When you are sad and lonely and you only want to crawl in bed and hug yourself but you can never get the whole you into that hug.

Yes, tall women do have their advantages; maybe a lot more than disadvantages: they can reach the top shelves, they have crazy gorgeous long legs, they seemingly all have a great posture and they seem to attract more men than expected. I wouldn’t be in any of the categories now; it seems that I have surpassed the curse of the tall and just settled to be an average height one, but oh the horror and the sorrow of being the tallest teenager in your group. Although, I had this girl in my team, she was 6 ft 5in tall and I remember at every practice she made me feel like a delicate flower.


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