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Day 78 – Picnic, coffee in my favorite cemetery and a bus ride


I had an amazing Sunday. It started out with a picnic at Villa Demidoff, where we ate a great lasagna made by beautiful and dear friends and lots of tramezzini, which we love, prepared carefully by yours truly in the middle of the night. We love going to this park and if you have a car you can use, I recommended for any kind of fun activity you would like to do outside; especially for reading a good book under a huge oak tree. If you are really lucky you can see the deer bouncing around the picnic area, only to disappear seconds after among the trees. After three beautiful hours spent chatting, eating and playing with our little monsters, we felt relaxed and ready to start a new week.

As if that wasn’t enough fun, I went out with two of my creative friends,for them to tell me all about their non-creative activities and them being fabulous the night before; in other words constructive girl’s gossip. It was loads of fun, especially when at some point they decided to continue our gossip in my favorite cemetery. The view from the kitchen over the graves, which I could see while I was making the perfect foam for my cappuccino, the breeze coming from the giant cherry-tree just next to the terrace, the conversation and company was more then I could ask to finish off my day (except for those annoying mosquitoes, but even they were included in our conversation).

I headed home, wanting nothing more then to hug my beautiful daughter and kiss my charming half and found them waiting for me at the bus station to take a ride around the neighborhood. We are kind of an odd family; we actually consider bus rides fun and relaxing. So, that was my end of the week and honestly I wish every Sunday would be exactly like this one.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu