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Day 8 – Are you happy with your masks?


It’s been a beautiful day spent with beautiful people. I spent half of my day outside with friends, enjoying our amazing garden and all of its treats. Sometimes, you just need a break from being something else except the person you are, and that was exactly who I was today. It’s true, I am exhausted and there is nothing harder to do then be your true self, but it also adds up a brick to the pile you already have gathered for building your self-confidence.

Why do we need all these masks? And I know the answer well, but the truth is that the process is exhausting either way. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do, even before opening your eyes, is deciding who you should be that day. Today I can be the woman who dies slowly if you take her for a walk in the park, because she would rather explore the world and travel, but tomorrow the park can be the perfect choice. And yes, there are those people that say “I have nothing to hide” and “I am who I am” and I will say back to them: “Cut the bullshit!” I am who I am too and every one of my masks will tell you that I have nothing to hide, that I don’t care who discovers all of my so called secrets, but many of us don’t put on masks to protect ourselves from other people, but to protect ourselves from us. Well, there’s my answer; protection, safety, stability, fear and the list can go on forever.

Mask or no mask, my main concern each night before going to sleep is not if I had the right one on, but if I am happy with the person I was that day.Most of the times the answer is in my favor, but there are days when my act failed and I am just an empty shell who wants to crawl in bed and never leave it again. All in all, I am curious, are you happy with your masks?

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu