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Day 81 – Closure is getting closer and closer


I am having an amazing day today and not because anything out of the ordinary happened, but just because this is the last day of July. I know I have been insisting on this matter too much lately, but I truly believe that from tomorrow on, life will be much better. Also this month of August, I am having a good friend visiting Florence, and she is bringing to the CrisisArt Festival that takes place in Arezzo, her amazing play called Plan B, which you have read about in her interview here. I will fill in all the details during the next couple of days. So, even if this month sucks too, at least I will have the joy of seeing her play and hang out with her for coffee, catching up and gossiping about the differences between our two worlds.

It’s strange how you can connect with people and be able to stay in touch even if distance can be a bitch sometimes(to be read always). Technology certainly makes things a lot easier and allows you to pretend that you are having a coffee with someone close to your heart, but far away, or to ignore the huge time zone difference and pretend that it’s normal that you are living in the future for the other one. It seems that ever since I have been living on Mars (my pet name for Florence), this situation has happened a lot and keeps on happening. The funny thing is that I am talking about how technology can bring you together, although I have no more connecting methods except an Iphone (hahahaha).

I will go on enjoying the rest of my amazing day and I am honestly telling you that tomorrow, I will jump out of bed screaming of joy and having an awkward, happiness, mouth widened in a dumb smile, moment with myself. See you tomorrow! Be safe!

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu