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Day 82 – Beautiful lies and exercising to live without a phone


I have been watching the keyboard for the last half hour and I have no idea what to share with you. I was thinking of sharing the truth, but the truth has been very depressing these last few days, so I guess that won’t help at all. I can invent beautiful lies like no other (I want to believe that) and maybe sometimes this gift can be like a huge stone hanging from my neck. I could be Sisyphus, I would be famous nowadays playing his role. All these struggles and shit, when the only thing you want to do is stop, breathe, look around, kiss that beautiful little cheek that winks at you every second of the day and embrace that amazing man who is always by your side.

Wait, I do have something funny to share. While I was having coffee this morning and Ephia was playing around me, I took the phone out of my pocket because it was buzzing. I barely got to have a look at the screen, when in a split second my phone was in the coffee mug. I think she thought I haven’t washed it in a while, or maybe she just didn’t feel like watching me looking at the phone instead of her. There is something funny about having bad luck constantly; at some point you get so used to it, that you burst into laughter when anything else bad happens to you. So, instead of me going ballistics, I froze for a second, took the phone out of the coffee mug and started laughing.

Now, with no phone and no computer, I should exercise on spending my time as if they didn’t exist and see how long can I last. Anyway, thank you to all my friends who sent me their phone numbers on Facebook, but I should have been more explicit: I have no phone to put the SIM Card in and I am guessing I won’t have one for a little while.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu