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Day 87 – Job interview


This happened to me a while back, but I was advised not to talk about it then. The past six month I have been constantly looking for a job (I am still looking for one, so if anyone knows something let me know). In this country as in many others if you don’t know the right people, jobs are most of the times unavailable and impossible to find. If you are looking for something specific then you are really screwed. That is the reason why I am still looking, but who knows maybe I will find the right people or I will just get lucky.

Anyway, at some point I was asked to come in for an interview at this fancy company that was looking for an assistant and also a let’s say good PR. It seemed the ideal job for me, so I was extremely nervous and enthusiastic at the same time. I put on my best attitude and outfit and stepped inside with the biggest smile on my face. When we finished the regular formalities and I began feeling really confident, because they seemed very impressed with my past work, they began a series of questions. I realized that because of The Human behind the artist Project, I am not used to answering questions anymore, but to address them, so I became very uncomfortable and I think this was my low point in the interview. I remember that we switched roles and I was the one interviewing them, so when I realized I was making them uncomfortable, I politely explained them the situation and apologized. We all had a laugh about it and they instantly accessed the website to check out the project. Here comes the strange part. After my questioning was over, they started describing their activity and what was to be my role in their company. It sounded divine and I felt really confident especially because they almost assured me that I have the job in my hand; but you know, they all do that, right? So, when it came my turn to ask questions, I asked the main thing that interests any man/woman when he/she is looking for a job – What is the salary package? Their eyes became bigger and told me that my question was off topic and they can’t discuss that, but they assured me it was very generous. Then they became offended and asked me if they would call me back if I would refuse the offer because of the pay. I had to be honest and tell them that of course any one can refuse if the pay check is too low, we all have to pay rent and stuff, so I went ahead and told them that I don’t need the exact number, but at least something to get an idea. I clearly saw a lightning striking towards me from the guy’s eyes and I was wondering what did I do to make him so mad.

So, my question for today is: is it not normal that one knows the salary offered from the beginning? Only because you are looking for a job, you are expected to be so needy that you would do it for any amount? Is this the normal way or does this sound weird to you too?

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu