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Day 89 – American friend in town and Plan B has returned to Italy


I think I have been waiting for this moment since eight months ago when she had to go back to the States. Amy is my good friend whom I have interviewed here and she is also a playwright that has been in our Writers Group, making it a little more interesting for all of us to be there Monday nights and also testing our acting skills every week. While living here she wrote an amazing play called Plan B: Love stories gone wrong about domestic violence that American expats married to Italian men face, based on interviews. After a reading of the play that took place in January at the British Institute, now she is back and will be presenting it on the 12th of August in Arezzo at the Teatrino Interior of the Academia dell’Arte. The piece is part of the CrisisARTS Festival, an International Festival of performance that addresses social issues.

Although the festival is in Arezzo, she had a day in Florence, so I got the chance to spend a lovely evening, despite the jet lag that was sometimes menacing to kidnap her away into a deep sleep. After three pleasant hours, a cappuccino and an ice cream I released her into the comfort of a well needed sleep. It’s incredible the relationships that you can form and keep, even a continent a part (hooray for Skype), but most of all I greatly admire her and I have learnt a lot from her ever since we’ve met. So, yesterday I ended my day beautifully and then I walked for little while on the streets of Florence, remembering that I absolutely adore this city.

To get back on the play, I am very enthusiastic to go and witness something that I have seen grow and then fall apart, only to be put back together later on and be even better than it was. We have all read, listen, perform (not exactly but sort of) and enjoyed the process that this play has gone through from the beginning until the end, so it will be amazing to see it on a big stage as part of this Festival. Hope to see some of you there!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu