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Day 91 – Party in the cemetery


Yesterday was all about lingering and chilling with my amazing man and my beautiful Ephia. After all the fun of jumping in bed, having lunch together and enjoying a well deserved nap, we went to party in the cemetery.

As I have said many more times before, one of the members from my Writers Group, the more colorful one as I like to consider her, lives in a beautiful monumental cemetery and she threw an amazing birthday party on her even more amazing terrace. I have spent many writers meetings there and also enjoyed a coffee once in a while so, by now I am really familiar with the place. Last night I was a little nervous because that was the first time that Ephia caught a glance at one of the places I like to hang around, but my fear disappeared the minute she started taking my hand and dragging me towards the beautiful grassy path, just to stroll and talk into her own created dialect. She loved the place and she loved the vibes that were surrounding her, so maybe this won’t be her first and last encounter with this place (don’t judge, we are a weird, loving cemeteries family).

Last night’s party had everything you would want from a successful party: great food, great wine, amazing gluten free chocolate cake and a very weirdly mixed crowed with the most beautiful people. You had your Australian, Americans, Mexicans, Danish, Spanish, Italian…. the mix was incredible and it seemed to fit really well. With our stomachs fully spoiled we went to finish the evening in Piazza Santo Spirito and before I got home I listened to these incredible musicians playing in the middle of the square and having fun while gathering an enormous crowd around them. While my car was driving away, I ears stretched a little to catch the last sound of the saxophone and take it home with me, allowing it caress my dreams. All in all, all three of us had a great time and because these moments are rare,so we loved being together at this event. The party was great, the birthday girl was spicy and colorful as usual, so you can go ahead and be envious or horrified.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu