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Day 92 – Florence’s moon chaser and a nice stroll among artists


After the resounding party yesterday, coffee at the crime scene was in order. It’s so hot in Florence these days that I would just melt in front of an air conditioner, which I would kill for right now. Luckily, our house it’s pretty well hidden from the sun, so we enjoy shade all day long, but we can still feel the warmth of the air coming through our windows.

After all that heat, the photographer of the house had this idea of photographing the moon over the Ponte Vecchio. Nothing was left by chance, everything was calculated and of course he has an app who tells him interesting stuff apparently. I was not at all convinced that us girls should tag a long, but our neighborhood is so empty and quiet that I didn’t have any other choice. So, we placed ourselves on Ponte Trinita and watched the sun go down and then the moon going up. Ephia was fascinated by the small waves of Arno and she stood still but not quiet (hahahaha) more than half an hour. She saluted all the tourists that were taking photos of Ponte Vecchio and then explained to each of them something known only by her. After we saw the most beautiful moon rising, I remembered that I have friends living just around the corner, so I grabbed the little protesting monster, waved to D, who was in the process of creating, and head to Laura and Frank’s studio just to say “Hi!”. Apparently I just popped up in time for ice cream and after we have recuperated D from the bridge we went for a stroll, an ice cream for the kids (meaning the men of course) and a nice catching up chit chat.

While driving back I realized that this was a perfect weekend, spent in the best possible way. We rarely have the time and energy to enjoy each other’s company during the weekends and although we always try to do anything possible for all three of us to spent time together, we always end up having the same boring routine, so weekends pass like a blink of an eye. This was a long and awesome one and I think Florence and its energy had something to do with that as well.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu