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Day 94 – Road trip and introspection


As I was saying here, Plan B: Love stories gone wrong has returned to Italy and was shown yesterday at the CrisisARTS Festival, held in Arezzo and that for me meant road trip. Me and the other two partners “in crime” for the road who joined me, embarked ourselves on this beautiful journey that was both fun but also very emotional.

We have arrived in Arezzo, at Villa Godiola placed on a beautiful platform that revealed a spectacular view over Tuscany’s hills and the first half an hour we just inhaled and adjust our eyes to the beauty of that place. After the show, that was amazing and very intense, we enjoyed a glass of wine and had a chat with the playwright, Amy. While there, I was reminded of all the years when I used to spend my time at Theater Festivals and that fact made me smile a lot and think about all my friends that are in this world, whom I left behind and sometimes I really miss. There is something about theater people that is both welcoming and intriguing at the same time and they are the kind of people who put their spirit, soul and beliefs on a silver plate for others to judge and slaughter as they please while they watch. Sometimes the audience may place you on a pedestal and sometimes they will cut you into pieces and throw them away, and that is the one of the beauties and the beasts of theater, the immediate response. But all aside, the importance of the message delivered is huge and the way you send that message is even more important.

Not to get all melancholic, I had a wonderful time and I heard unbelievable stories, which always makes me stay up all night and think about my own. The importance of ones story means more than most of us think and although we each tend to be selfish by nature, opening up just to listen is part of your growing process as an individual. As you can see this road trip was very productive for the soul and I just hope someone else will force a reason on me to have another one as soon as possible, so that all my excuses of not getting out of town would fall onto the ground.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu