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Day 97 – Locked outside by Ephia


The title sounds funny, right? Well, let’s say that it was both funny and really scary.

D has an event to shoot today so us girls were left unsupervised. After a quick cappuccino and a glass of foamy milk for her, we headed to the park where we met a strangely hyperactive six year old boy, who tried to teach my daughter how balloons can fly. Everything was going great and even the bus was right on time for us to take a quick, fun ride around the neighborhood. After the first part of the event, D came home for a short break. We had lunch and Ephia was enjoying her cartoons, so we decided to go out on the balcony and have a cigarette together while she was still not interested in our presence. I think I had three drags from the cigarette, when I began telling D that I have no subject to write about today and just after that I started laughing and saying: “You know she could easily lock us outside now; she is tall enough!”. I don’t think I even finished the phrase, when the door from the balcony just slammed shut and we realized we are locked outside with no phones or keys (we live at the first floor, if we would have had keys nearby, the solution was very simple). We started calling out for her and tried to show her how to get the handle to move in the other direction, but our cute little monster knew very well how to open the door, she just didn’t want to do it. At first we laughed, but then I realized my daughter is alone in the house and anything can happen in a split second, so I started panicking a little and watch D laughing while asking Ephia to try and open the door. We couldn’t even see what she was doing inside because of the curtains, but after a minute her two big eyes appeared behind them and she started laughing at us; she knew exactly what she did and she did in no way want to fix it. D approached the situation using a little blackmail and showed Ephia Thomas, hoping that she would want to play with him enough to let him in and that we won’t have to break down the balcony door. Well, my daughter had no plans of letting us in and when my smile began to fade away leaving a worried face behind, D found a screwdriver and unblocked the door without harming the system (good thing to keep tools on the balcony hahaha). As soon as we got in, she got a little mad and I am sure she did it on purpose to punish us for all the times we didn’t allowed her to stay perched on a chair on the balcony to gaze at the neighbors.

So, all in all, maybe we deserved it for being bad parents and wanting to have a smoke together (hahaha), or maybe she became too tall and we have to watch it. The certainty of all this situation is that I will never smoke on the balcony again if Ephia is not sleeping. Lesson learned! Next…

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu