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Day 99 – Gelato and a long walk


Yesterday was the last of the lazy days. We tried to make the best of it and went for the best gelato in town, at Gelatando. We had a wonderful time and after we gobbled our ice creams, we just strolled along the Piazza and watched the beautiful colors of the water fountain.

I woke up today feeling refreshed and ready to go, so I decided to take Ephia for a long walk around the neighborhood. We started with a bus and a tram ride and I watched her gazing out the window, being fascinated by all the little things that us grown-ups don’t pay attention to anymore.  We stopped at the store and strolled along the aisles because we both love to stare at the shelves that are packed with nice products, then we indulged ourselves a nice cappuccino and a really interesting conversation in which Ephia was pouring her heart out in an undetected language and I was listening quietly and agreeing with her once in a while. The real adventure was about to begin next, our location being almost three kilometers away from our house and me wanting us to walk all that way on foot, holding hands. She didn’t disagree nor fight me on it, although I was expecting her to put her arms in the air after the first five hundred meters, showing me that she wants to be carried, but none of that happened. Instead she held my hand quietly, sipping regularly from her water bottle and pacing the road with her tiny feet, moving her eyes in all directions as if not to miss any detail. When we finally arrived on our street, she ran straight to the bakery and said “Ciao!” to everyone inside, sending them all kisses from her hand, which made me think once more that I love this street so much and the people on it.

I never imegined a Monday can be so productive, but after that long walk and another hour of playing inside, although I feel like dead tired, I can’t wait for the evening to come and start sketching a new short story. Have a nice Monday evening!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu