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Writing Workshop

Apr 11, 2015 – May 2, 2015    Time: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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     Everything has a story to tell, from a tree with the wind blowing through its leaves to the stranger sitting on the same street corner every day. Stories inspire us to look inward, explore our emotions, understand ourselves, and to share with others what is like to feel what we feel. This workshop intends to guide you towards a deeper emotional connection with yourself through improvisation, interaction through story-telling, and the discovery of how to frame your own story into a literary context. I am a writer who lives in Florence and one of my passions is finding stories that a casual glance might miss. We will stroll through Florence, listen to other writers, and help you build your own fascinating characters out of the people and places that we see. Join me on this literary adventure.

Lesson Plan

The course will meet for four consecutive Saturdays beginning on April 11th from 15:00 to 17:00 at a meeting place in downtown Florence chosen for the particular lesson (two of the lessons will be held indoors and two outdoors for our literary strolls). Each lesson will include a discussion of character, plot, and a particular genre chosen by a student. Each student will also receive individual guidance to help them develop their own ideas, insights, and stories.

Saturday, April 11th
Introducing yourself – Sharing memories with each other
Saturday, April 18th
How should I shape my story? – Conversation with Creative writing teacher, performer, and author Lee Foust
Saturday, April 25th
Creating characters – Stroll on the streets of Florence while creating and discussing our characters
Saturday, May 2nd 
Reading our stories – Reading and discussing the students’ stories

Lesson Details & Requirements

    The workshop is open to any individual, aged 16+, who would like to improve their writing and imaginative skills. No prior knowledge or experience in writing is required. Materials needed: a notebook and a pen. If you are more comfortable typing, feel free to bring your laptop or tablet along. We will be walking the streets of Florence, so I recommend wearing comfortable clothes.

Feel free to contact me regarding the workshop or if you have any questions at 334 783 0290 or email: writerinflorence@gmail.com.

(*Please fill the name and age of the student under Additional Information on the Checkout page !!!)

Ela Vasilescu is a published writer and a freelance journalist based in Florence, Italy. She is currently working on her new book of short stories and is part of the Writers Group in Florence.  She has created and conducted the journalistic project The human behind the artist which consists in interviews with English speaking artists living in Florence.

Because she believes that stories can make us look inward and explore our emotions better, she is always on a quest to finding those stories which cannot be seen with the naked eye. She has conducted a series of theater workshops and last year she has created a storytelling workshop for children “Let’s invent stories together!”. She is also collaborating with F.E.S.T.A Theater, the Canadian Island and Sunflower schools at the moment teaching various theater and English workshops. She is also a contributing writer and translator for the bilingual newspaper Florence is You!


Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu