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How to have an orgasm in less than ten minutes?


I usually don’t enjoy writing about sex, but what happened in front of my eyes tonight is worth telling the story. I have this pass to a health club that has almost everything: swimming pools, gym, dance classes and also a spa or as the Italians call it “zona del benessere”. In there you can find the sauna, Turkish baths and high-pressure water jets as well as a hydro massage pool.

Tonight in particular I was feeling low so instead of driving my body insane with the countless laps in the swimming pool, I decided to relax and go have a hydro massage and then hit the sauna and read. And this is the part where things got spicy.

The hydro massage pool is pretty big and it can fit almost 30 people so us four that were in there were feeling comfortable and undisturbed. My pool neighbors were an old lady, eyes closed and hairy armpits, two men in their 30’s who had what seemed to be an interesting conversation and a beautiful woman, about 37 years old, eyes half-closed and her face didn’t say anything in particular. I, as any deranged person would do, gave them names and characters to play and in my mind I was maneuvering them like puppets, just because I tend to get bored in these places giving that you don’t do anything, just sit and  stare at the walls or bubbles like an idiot.

After five minutes they all played several roles in my head and they already had fights, children and divorces on their hands, when I noticed the beautiful woman trying to re-position herself in a more then obvious and aggressive way, like when you try on a pair of jeans that you know it won’t fit but you want to do it any way and everybody is watching you jump up and down like a crippled rabbit. While I was watching her, in less than thirty seconds she stopped completely and shut her eyes again. I thought “Ok, she has bubbling issues!” and moved on with my imaginary play that now had a cast of nine people, the four neighbors weren’t enough anymore.

Suffice to say that I was getting bored and just about ready to hit the sauna thinking that ten minutes of bubbles are enough, when something else caught my eye and this time the eyes of my neighbors too. The beautiful woman’s face started to contort in ways I cannot describe but I can refer some porn sites for you to get the picture of what I’m saying. The old lady almost dropped her jaw when she understood what she was dealing with and stood up, shook her wrinkles and her armpit hair and appeared to be very angry while walking towards the door. Myself and the other two men couldn’t get out of there faster just because laughter menaced to explode from our throats. On my way to the sauna I was thinking why women complain about not having an orgasm every time they have sex when there are some that don’t even need a sexual encounter for it. So, yes, I am proud to say that tonight I have watched a woman have an orgasm in less than ten minutes. I have to cross that out from my to-do list. Question: Does this make me a voyeur?

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Ela Vasilescu

I’m a writer based in Florence, Italy.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu