Okay, you’re right!

When I met Mark Abouzeid it was “no pants” day. It was a hot, summer day in Florence and wearing pants just didn’t make sense.

Later that afternoon, two friends invited me for coffee in Piazza Santo Spirito and forced me to put some pants on. They introduced me to, what they called, “an interesting subject” to interview for my upcoming book The human behind the artist. There he was: a guy who talked too much, too fast, but everything he said made sense. His stories were captivating.

Months later we met for coffee, at his favourite coffee place in Santo Spirito, to explain the purpose of my project. Two hours into our friendly chat, after listening to his incredible life stories, I realized I would want to have his words printed and kept on my shelf. Thus, I asked:

“ – Why don’t you write a book about your life?

– I’m not a writer. Do you want to write it?”

I froze. I love documenting people stories. Stories are precious to me; pieces of puzzle that come together and create a unique human being. I love the way they smile when they remember their childhood and how they frown whenever a bad memory comes in play. The man in front of me was offering his life and memories to “play” with.

That is how Okay, you’re right! A collection of life stories with Mark Abouzeid. was born. Since then Mark became more than just a subject for The human behind the artist; he became the storyteller I could listen to until dawn and a man who opened a door to a new culture through his documentary Growing Cedars in Air.


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