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Parents and fashionable babies


I look around and see all these fashionable babies, especially the little girls. Maybe I tend to see them more now because someone calls me mom or just maybe because they have reached a ridiculous number.

So, fashion babies. First of all, babies don’t care about fashion, thus they really don’t care about how fancy they look when they go outside. Of course most of you will say: “Oh, how cute is she?” when you see a 6-month-old baby girl dressed in all pink with a tiny skirt and a glimmer bodysuit, but trust me the little girl doesn’t care how she looks and honestly I am horrified by the image and not at all thinking “cute”. Over the years I have come to hate the color pink because of the marketing around it. If you have a nephew, a nice or a cute little “monster” of your own and you go clothes shopping for them, you will start noticing that the world of baby clothes is divided into two color categories: pink and blue; occasionally you will find yellow or gray but those are rare exceptions. There are so few brands left that actually still understand the idea of colorful and fun, normal baby clothes.

Returning to the point, because we are a Facebook generation, I come across tons of baby pictures dressed like they are the future, Madonna or Michael Jackson. Or should I say Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber because they are in style right now? The beauty (nightmare) of it is the many likes and positive comments the parents get and the encouragements to continue proceeding just like that. Don’t get me wrong I like a clean, colored, even a little fancy dressed child but seriously he/she has to move around in all those accessories that many times are as equally dangerous as sticking their fingers in the socket. A child should be able to move freely and be comfortable, his/her clothes should be like feathers on a bird. And yes it should be colorful because colors are fun and entertaining and because they DO care about colors and shapes.

The other thing parents don’t get is that the message they send to their baby mostly turns around and kicks them in the ass later on, because the little two years old whom you dress in all pink and only dresses or mini-skirts, glittery baby make-up and Barbie dolls all around her, will be later the 16 years old teenager who will dress the same way and will go out into the world just like that without you holding her hand; and I am guessing the reaction won’t be: “Oh, how cute!” anymore.

So dear hip parents, please kick my ass for not appreciating fashionable baby clothes and for not understanding why you keep torturing your child just for your own visual pleasure.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu