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Let’s Invent Stories Together


Everything has its own story, from a puppet or a toy train,to a tree or the wind blowing its leaves. Let your child discover them all and allow him to expand his imagination by inventing new ones and becoming an amazing storyteller. Stories inspire children to look inward, explore their emotions, understand them and share with others what it is like to feel what they feel and if they invent their own we can understand and communicate with them better. Through this workshop your child will experience emotional development, interest in literature, interaction and improvising, all through the craft of storytelling.

I am a writer in Florence, and one of my passions is finding the stories that can’t be seen with the naked eye. I have built this workshop because I love to witness children’s development through literature with the use of their own vivid imagination. The idea of this workshop has come to life after conducting numerous theater workshops with children with ages between 4 and 14 and the results were amazing, but what I have mostly observed is their need and hunger for beautiful, interesting and captivating stories.

The workshop is intended to take place once a week for an hour.

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Through this workshop I want to guide children towards exploring their emotions better and help them tell us their story in their own unique way. The materials and books for the class will be provided entirely by me, but I will occasionally ask the children to bring along their favorite toy or book, so that we can give them life together.

The children will be divided into age groups as follows and each group will be formed of a minimum of four children and a maximum of six:

Age group A:    4 – 5 years old
Age group B:     6 – 9 years old
Age group C:   10 – 14 years old

The workshop is intended to take place for an hour and a half, but for age group A, the lessons will only take place for an hour.

Prices :

  •  15 € per child for an hour (age group A)
  • 20 € per child for an hour and a half (age group B and C)

Payment is required at the beginning of the lesson or by purchasing the workshop online.

If for some reason a child cannot attend the class please call a day before and let me know that your child will not be there. In case of an emergency or if for some reason a child can no longer attend the workshop, we will discuss reimbursement if you had paid online.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.


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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu