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About life as an adventure, fatherhood and fine art photography with Mark Abouzeid


Mark Abouzeid is a remarkable storyteller. Ever since we had our first conversation in Piazza Santo Spirito, he never ceased to captivate my attention with his fascinating stories about life, travelling and fatherhood. Mark is not your regular artist, in fact he doesn’t fit any category really well, but his work is amazing and speaks for itself. He is truely a source of inspiration and I...

Day 203 – With “Friends” by my side


A while back, I mentioned the fact that I am a “Friends” addict (the American sitcom). It seems that I never watch the show just for fun, but whenever I feel things are falling apart around me and I need to place a wall between me and reality for a couple of hours, every day. Should I be worried that this year I have watched the whole series three times up until now? Anyway, because I...

Day 66 – “Friends” addict


I am a huge Friends addict (any self respecting freak should be), the American sitcom that lasted a decade and still is one of the most popular show ever created. Such a simple story with such a huge impact: six friends, struggling with life’s issues relying only on themselves, while becoming a family. They’ve got me through college, than coping with moving from city to city and...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu