Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu



Day 126 – Odd mood


This will be a rather odd entry because I have no idea what to tell you about. Should I write about last night and the nice dinner and wine we had in the now famous cemetery, or about the fun we had dancing with Ephia on the little path among the tombstones? Or maybe I should talk about how things are starting to move so fast that we can barely keep up and decisions have to be made before we can...

Day 116 – Waiting


I have never been a patient person. Lately all I have been doing is running around, organizing things, having meetings with people for three different projects and trying to be home as much as possible, so that Ephia wouldn’t forget about me. Now I have reached the stage when it’s out of my hands and out into the big wide world, and all I have to do is wait. Have I mentioned I am not...

Day 111 – What makes an artist an artist?


What is it that you are allowed to do as an artist when your words and opinion mean something to the world out there? What is the artist’s meaning to others who are listening, admiring and following him? Should he be a teacher or impose a certain conduit on his followers, or should he be excused to be himself, just because his way is why others look up to him? Who or what makes an artist...

Day 69 – Absolute solitude


The solitude in your head… that is your most precious friend and your worst enemy. You can have all your loved ones around you, family, friends, maybe children and the fortunate ones also have “the one”, but you are alone in your head and you will always be alone in there. There is no one who can tell for sure what highways or no ways are paved inside that thick skull and there are things that...

Why do you do what you do?


Why do you do what you do? That is the question. Why do you have the urge to get up and do the thing that you are best at or at least try to be? Is there a person, who knows a generally applied answer, for this particular question? These last passing months I met a lot of new people, each of them with a beautiful and inspiring story because of their uniqueness. I asked all of them this particular...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu