Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu



Why do I write?


Sometimes I feel dead inside. A feeling of nothingness lurks me from around the corner, grabs my senses and throws me into a void. I write the feeling away. The keyboard becomes my best friend and every word pulls me back into this crowded world. Many people ask me when do I write? Why do I write? Do I have a schedule? Do I have a plan? I never know how to answer that question. I...

Day 339 – Choices


If you had to choose between an insecure heaven or hell with benefits what would you do? I am exactly in that position today. I have signed my way into hell with benefits and was offered the chance to see how heaven looks like; a beautiful, insecure heaven. I have been given this choice many times before and I have always failed to choose the right thing. For some reason, hell with benefits...

Day 255 – “You are so brave!”


As some of you may already know, we have completely changed our lives in the last year or so. We didn’t want to end up being frustrated for not doing what we love, so we’ve risked it all (in other people’s opinion). The thing that annoys me the most is not the gossip that reaches my ears from time to time (we are all human, thus we all NEED to gossip), but the assumptions that...

Day 143 – Question


Sunshine in the dessert. Your hands are full of blisters, your throat empty of fluids.
What would you rather have? The bottle of water right in front of you, just waiting for your hand to reach it, or would you rather walk another ten miles barefoot to dive into a crystal clear lake surrounded by beautiful waterfalls?
I’m curious, which one do you see as the hard road?

Day 8 – Are you happy with your masks?


It’s been a beautiful day spent with beautiful people. I spent half of my day outside with friends, enjoying our amazing garden and all of its treats. Sometimes, you just need a break from being something else except the person you are, and that was exactly who I was today. It’s true, I am exhausted and there is nothing harder to do then be your true self, but it also adds up a brick to the pile...

One minute of introspection. Watch and think


A couple of days ago I wanted to write something about how the choices we make affect our children or the children around us. It’s not a very approachable topic giving that we are individuals and very selfish in our choice making. Just when I was brainstorming about how to start knitting my ideas on the subject, I came across this video and words suddenly became unnecessary. Take a look and maybe...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu