Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu



Why do I write?


Sometimes I feel dead inside. A feeling of nothingness lurks me from around the corner, grabs my senses and throws me into a void. I write the feeling away. The keyboard becomes my best friend and every word pulls me back into this crowded world. Many people ask me when do I write? Why do I write? Do I have a schedule? Do I have a plan? I never know how to answer that question. I...

Day 289 – Decisions


I don’t like deciding things. It’s one of my most awful nightmares. I don’t like deciding how and when to change houses, cars, furniture, pets, computers and so on. I get to attached to things. I name them, talk to them, tell them my life story trying in a way to make them welcome into my life and then I almost cry when I have to let them go. And you always have to let them go...

Day 255 – “You are so brave!”


As some of you may already know, we have completely changed our lives in the last year or so. We didn’t want to end up being frustrated for not doing what we love, so we’ve risked it all (in other people’s opinion). The thing that annoys me the most is not the gossip that reaches my ears from time to time (we are all human, thus we all NEED to gossip), but the assumptions that...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu