Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu



Day 6 – Dialogue with the voices in my head


The phone is ringing like a mad man in the middle of a mental crisis. Ela, wake up! Ela, just open your eyes and pick up the phone! I overslept again. You always do this! You stay up late and then oversleep. Ephia. Oh good, she is still sleeping. What time is it? 10,30 am. Okay, there is still time; quickly, get dressed and go pick up that package down town. Why is the phone still ringing? Right...

Parents and fashionable babies


I look around and see all these fashionable babies, especially the little girls. Maybe I tend to see them more now because someone calls me mom or just maybe because they have reached a ridiculous number. So, fashion babies. First of all, babies don’t care about fashion, thus they really don’t care about how fancy they look when they go outside. Of course most of you will say: “Oh, how cute is...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu