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Day 182 – Political issues


I am not a political person and honestly I don’t even care that much about politics. I can be blamed that I do not participate at the construction of a better future, but let’s face it, I know I am only a number in the statistics and nothing else for those who pretend to built a better future, thus I don’t give a damn. I don’t believe in people being in charge of other...

Day 60 – Surrogacy, pro or con?


I have received an email today about an article that treated this issue. I never knew how I really felt about surrogacy and I think there was a time when I admired those women for being able to do something as beautiful as that for other human beings. But there are many sides of this subject and one of them, of which I found out today, is that there are cases, actually many more cases than you...

Day 53 – About the birds and the bees only without the bees


I thought a lot about nests today (bear with me). I suppose that when a bird finds itself out of its eggshell and into a nest, it has a lot of space around it; there is the motherly love, the fatherly love and in some cases the sibling’s love. They are all very important for the future development of the baby bird (at least that’s what I hear). It comes a time when the baby bird needs to learn...

Society is the devil itself


You are born pure, untouched by humanity’s deceits. You have almost a day of freedom when you enter the world and after that, society takes over. They start to shove paperwork into your parents’ face who get distracted and sign you off into a pitiful existence. And then the hell begins; vaccines of who knows what, against who knows which virus invented by the mankind, trauma of any sort...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu