Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu



Day 316 – Some motherly thoughts


My daughter is a cute midget who is growing up too fast. I sometimes am amazed of her progress and the choices she makes for herself. For instance her language choice is at least weird when you hear about our situation. For almost half a year now, she only wants to speak English; maybe because all of our friends are English speaking people or because she hears me speaking English a lot throughout...

Day 129 – Opinions


Everyone has an opinion about everything and everyone else. We are entitled to our opinions nowadays and we can throw them in the air, not caring if they hurt or if they are need it or not, just because we have the right to speak up. Your life is analyzed and thought of in a much better way than you by your friends, family or even acquaintances and they all know best, as if they are the ones...

I love dead people


I love dead people. They are quiet and you can always depend on them to wait for you in the same place. They never complain and with a little imagination they give extremely good advice having only your consciousness to guide them. They never have any issues and the beautiful thing about dead people that you don’t have to look them in the eyes when you tell them your deepest secrets or mistakes...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu