Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu



Day 275 – Spring is here!


Finally the sky of Florence took pity in us and cleared up, blessing our limbs with the warm rays of the sun. My body was getting tired of always being wrapped in a hundred layers of clothes. Now, the fact that the chocolate fair is still going on, makes life in Florence even more beautiful. The fair is going to end on February 15, so don’t miss your chance and go get some chocolate intp...

Day 258 – It’s all relative


These last couple of days have been like a wild ride in the jungle. I don’t mind the tiredness, the numbness limbs, the constant craving for sleep and so on, but I do long to write again. You know, facing the computer, getting upset because my hands can’t type as fast as I think. I want my mojo back. Today I bought the nicest and cheapest pens I ever owned. They are amazing! I thought...

Day 244 – Sacrifices


How far is one willing to go to achieve success? How much is anyone willing to sacrifice to touch a dream? I do not like compromises of any kind, but as any human being I make them on a daily basis just because I was born into a society. Sacrifices are a necessary evil, whether you are by yourself or have a family to support, but what I have learnt the most is that sacrificing is a must when it...

A story about happiness


Once upon a time there was a friendly, joyful dwarf. And this particular dwarf lived in the hollow of an old magical tree. A long time ago the tree gave the dwarf a magic book that could fulfill his every wish. The dwarf was very excited and for a long time he brought happiness to himself and the loved ones around him with the book’s help. But one day, his neighbor, the hedgehog came to his tree...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu