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Day 316 – Some motherly thoughts


My daughter is a cute midget who is growing up too fast. I sometimes am amazed of her progress and the choices she makes for herself. For instance her language choice is at least weird when you hear about our situation. For almost half a year now, she only wants to speak English; maybe because all of our friends are English speaking people or because she hears me speaking English a lot throughout...

Day 271 – Parents and social media


I am taking a break from the Childless mother story today and I wanted to touch a more up to date topic 🙂 . Social media has become the thing nowadays and if used properly it can do wonders. Internet is an amazing tool as well as it can be a very powerful enemy. Parents, grandparents, they are all using it in order to communicate and share faster, more efficiently. As long as the...

Day 247 What never to say to a stay at home mom


I read an article the other day regarding this topic and it made me think about some of the things people assume when they hear you are a stay-at-home mom or dad for that matter. People say stupid stuff at certain times, either because they do not know how to react or because they just don’t think ahead before speaking their mind. To sum it up these are the most insensitive things that you...

Day 7 – “Cool” parents


I woke up today thinking about a scene from a novel that one of the members in my writers group is workshopping with us. He has this chapter where his character just cleans up his new house in the most natural and comforting way. So, I hopped out of bed and started cleaning and cooking and then cleaning some more. My house is spotless (well, not really, but close enough). I could dare to say it...

They call it Baby Yoga…I call it insanity


I came across this link while browsing the internet for activities to enjoy with my daughter. She is at that age when she wants to do everything by herself and she can’t stay focused on anything more than a couple of minutes (except when watching Lion King, Brother Bear or Bambi). So, when I found this link my heart actually stopped. I can see that the child doesn’t...

Parents and fashionable babies


I look around and see all these fashionable babies, especially the little girls. Maybe I tend to see them more now because someone calls me mom or just maybe because they have reached a ridiculous number. So, fashion babies. First of all, babies don’t care about fashion, thus they really don’t care about how fancy they look when they go outside. Of course most of you will say: “Oh, how cute is...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu