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About life as an adventure, fatherhood and fine art photography with Mark Abouzeid


Mark Abouzeid is a remarkable storyteller. Ever since we had our first conversation in Piazza Santo Spirito, he never ceased to captivate my attention with his fascinating stories about life, travelling and fatherhood. Mark is not your regular artist, in fact he doesn’t fit any category really well, but his work is amazing and speaks for itself. He is truely a source of inspiration and I...

Day 209 – Introducing the photographer of the house


I have waited for two hundred and nine days to introduce you to the most important person in my life and what better day to do it, if not on his birthday which also marks our anniversary. I’ve met D sixteen years ago (I know, right?) in high school and faith made it so that we end up in the same class together, but don’t be deceived, we hated each other back then. He was this short...

Day 50 – Monte Morello and a thunderstorm


I can’t believe I have lasted fifty days. When I started writing every day for this project, I didn’t imagine I will go all this way. I still am skeptic but it seems I am hanging in there. Anyway, today we went up to Monte Morello (about 15 km from Florence), a place really close to our hearts which has seen us laugh, cry, be excited, anxious… we love the place and because we have neglected it...

Day 27 – Us girls and a photographer


I had an amazing day; I am exhausted but this day was worth it. D had a Trash the Dress photo session and us girls tagged along (he was going to the seaside, we couldn’t miss that). We went to Livorno and enjoyed an awesome cappuccino on the beach and then I mainly chased Ephia, who was constantly grabbing D’s pants, smiling at him or getting into his frame. I watched her being fascinated...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu