Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu



Day 307 – Quiet


After 12 hours of being away from home and another hour spent with Ephia, everything is quiet now. Suddenly all the noise in my brain disappeared, leaving my thoughts to rest for a while. Beautiful day, amazing day, crazy, exciting day. It’s so quiet right now that I can barely allow my fingers to type too loud. Shh, shh…The full on working day came with a nice reward right towards...

About life as an adventure, fatherhood and fine art photography with Mark Abouzeid


Mark Abouzeid is a remarkable storyteller. Ever since we had our first conversation in Piazza Santo Spirito, he never ceased to captivate my attention with his fascinating stories about life, travelling and fatherhood. Mark is not your regular artist, in fact he doesn’t fit any category really well, but his work is amazing and speaks for itself. He is truely a source of inspiration and I...



Ready for a new contest? The very talented photographer of the house is getting ready to give away an amazing prize for a very lucky winner, so today is all about spreading the word on the streets. I wish you all good luck and I can’t wait to see the outcome and meet the winner. You will find the conditions of entering the contest below, both in English and Italian. English / Italiano Hey...

Day 92 – Florence’s moon chaser and a nice stroll among artists


After the resounding party yesterday, coffee at the crime scene was in order. It’s so hot in Florence these days that I would just melt in front of an air conditioner, which I would kill for right now. Luckily, our house it’s pretty well hidden from the sun, so we enjoy shade all day long, but we can still feel the warmth of the air coming through our windows. After all that heat, the...

Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu